The Scene Composer - AndCam's Photo Editor


To get a understanding of what features we wanted to build we studied several top photo editing apps and did user studies. Our intention was to create a powerful mobile photo editor that allowed users to design with features comparable to photoshop ie, filter adjustments, opacity, and effects. The interface had to be intuitive and easy to use on a small iPhone screen.


I was the Product Manager and lead Product Designer focused on UX & Interaction on a team of 6 engineers, 3 designers, 3 QAs and creatives. I developed provisional personas, created wireframes, mockups, assets, and simple prototypes. I also conducted usability testing and interview. 


We narrowed the design down to three different interfaces and decided to go with the the panel menu based design.

With this interface, we could easily add new features via the panels with no restrictions and without having to redesign the interface every time. The panel buttons are big enough for both a description as well as an icon making it clear what each button does.

The icon will be useful once the user associates the button with the feature. I love this design because we found the perfect spot for our beloved “overlay button” which turns on or off the filter and effect on the entire image.

The scene composer's flow had many iterations after user testing.